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Shamanic Services



The Illumination Process clears the imprints of karma and disease from the Luminous Energy Field and brings about healing at the blueprint level of your being.  Illuminations help you to shed your past and to free yourself from karmic and generational baggage. Session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours.


Energies such as fear, envy, and anger can penetrate the Luminous Energy Field and create crystallized energies, intrusive energies and entities. These energies can affect your affinities for toxic people and situations.These blockages can be removed with the Extraction process. You can step beyond fear and live better in a world of peace. This treatment is offered along with the illumination process. 



A journeying will be made to discover an original wound that derailed the client’s destiny. This consists of identification and rewriting of old contracts that have been made by the client at a deep inner level. Contracts that no longer serve you may keep you from living fully in your natural grace. A quanta of energy is returned to you that was lost during a stressful event, injury, abuse or due to an old contract. Soul Retrieval can accomplish in a few sessions what can sometimes take years to achieve with other therapies.  Very profound and effective this is only offered along with the Illumination Process.



A private consultation in energy medicine is an opportunity to begin your journey of personal growth and development. Your appointment may include an illumination, soul retrieval, or extraction work. Private sessions cost $150 and typically last between 1.5 -2 hours. What is done during a session is dependent on the issues at hand for the client.

Appointments can be done in person, by phone or by Skype.

I do not offer medical or psychological consultations. Please consult your doctor or mental health professional for these services.