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Earth Heart Rising  is a professional Shamanic Practice dedicated to helping you step into your personal power.  Miesha provides services that aid you in healing your heart and soul while coming into alignment with your personal truth and purpose.  

YOUR HEALING JOURNEY                                       

Personal healing and coming into harmony with your divine purpose is the most wonderful gift that you can give to yourself. Live your life from 'true center' without limiting stories and patterns that hold you back. Stress, trauma and life in general can set you up to become stagnate. We offer indigenous style shamanic sessions and traditional methods of clearing blocks and dense energies to promote balance and wellbeing.

 ** Luminous Lighbody sessions with Miesha **

In ancient times it was understood that loosing your zest for life, becoming depressed or unhappy was a sign that you had become separated from your spirit. Measures would be taken to reconnect you with your spirit.  Mending the separation between your inner life and your outer world can bring joy and give back your personal power. When you step into your personal power you can live your highest destiny. Starting with 'YOU' can also promote harmony for all of humanity and our precious mother Earth. 


Miesha has over 10 years of experience teaching Reiki and offers Usui Tibetan Reiki Certification Courses. She offers Pipe Circles, Totem Animal Workshops for adults and children, Chakradance, Fire and Water Ceremony, House Blessings/Clearings and many other life enhancing and healing events.

MOTHER EARTH                                                                          

Healing our planet is more than recycling, living green and going organic. It is also about healing ourselves, bringing ourselves into balance energetically, physically, mentally and spiritually. Shamans know that healing the whole self is the journey we each take within to heal our heart and the spirit of our soul. As we heal ourselves from within we also heal our family, our communities, our cities, our country and in turn our world.

Understand that healing CAN spread in your life and in the world as easily as any sickness can. Give yourself permission to be accountable for what you carry within yourself.  Carry yourself forward into our world as a healing light.

Earth Heart Rising can assist you on this journey inward. We are here to listen and support you as you step onto your sacred healing map. Claim your personal power and make the choice to step fully into your light.

Whether you have been on a healing path for years or have just begun to search for something more. We support you. We believe in you and your journey. You DO have the power to heal yourself and our world. YOU are the one you have been waiting for...you are not alone. We are all One.

Love to you, Miesha



Rockland World Radio Interview  w/ Miesha


Miesha is a professional Lightbody practitioner, trained in Healing the Lightbody with The Four Winds Society. She honors the traditions of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru as well as the Lakota way of living. She is a Mesa carrier and a Pipe carrier.

Miesha specializes in Lightbody Illuminations, Soul Retrievals, Extractions, Chakradance, Totem Animal Retrievals, Reiki Drumming, Aura Drawing, Guided Meditations, Rainbow Reiki Essences and Elixirs as well as Reiki treatments.

She is an internationally certified Rainbow Reiki Practitioner and Teacher with The Reiki-Do International Institute of Germany in the traditional Usui-system of natural healing with Rainbow Reiki. She is also certified by The International Center for Reiki Training with the Traditional Usui/ Tibetan system of natural healing as a Reiki. Master.

Miesha shares her artistic visions by painting gourd dream rattles. Each rattle is uniquely styled for its owner through dreaming. She makes
 dreamcatchers and painted medicine feathers.